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How to Use Coupons To Create a Photo Calendar For Your Website.

photobox offer codes

How to Create a Photo Calendar Online

 A custom calendar makes a great gift or memento. Gone are the days when you would have to spend hours cutting and pasting in order to make a family calendar. Now you can make a photo calendar online in a matter of minutes. How much time it takes you and how much it costs will vary depending on what style you would like your custom calendar to be. 

Use Photobox Offer Codes

Getting and compiling photos can be time-consuming and expensive, depending on where you’re getting these photos from. You can use an offer code for Photobox to make the whole photo-calendar thing super-cheap.

Choose a Page Layout 

When using an online calendar service, you will first need to choose a layout. Do you want one photo per page, or do you want more of a collage effect with multiple photos per page? If you want a calendar that is simple to make, choose a layout where one photo takes up the entire space. If you have more time to put into designing your custom calendar, you can even choose different page layouts for each page, add multiple photos and create colorful captions. 

Choose Your Photos 

If you have a large photo library, you may find it easier to choose your photos first and put them in a separate folder in your desktop. Title the folder “Custom Calendar” or something similar and put copies of your favorite digital photos in the folder. If you plan on having only one photo per page, narrow your favorite photos down to 13. This will give you one photo for each month and one for the cover. If you plan to have multiple photos per page, choose more photos for your folder. Make sure you choose digital photos that will fit in the custom photo calendar template. If all of your custom calendar pages call for tall photos rather than wide photos, choose only tall photos for your folder. 

Upload Your Photos 

Most online calendar creation services require that you upload your photos to an online account or photo album. Upload your digital photos so you can add them to your family calendar. Uploading photos will also allow you to make digital prints with the same company. 

Add Photos to Your Calendar 

Insert the photos from your photo album to your custom calendar. If you are using multiple photos per page, choose photos that have a common theme for each page of the calendar. For example, January could feature winter sports photos while June features beach photos. Choose your children’s birthday month and put only pictures of him or her in that month’s page. Add captions to each photo to make it more personal. Some photo calendar companies also allow you to mark special dates on the calendar. 

Once you’ve completed designing your photo calendar, all you need to do is finalize it and provide your payment and shipping information. Often if you order multiple copies of the same photo calendar you can get a discounted per calendar price. 

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